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The Cosine Wherry is a 14-foot rowboat with a 4-foot-4-inch beam. It has a mild rocker. A skeg continues forward with an 1-inch keel, with a brass keel strip for added protection. The design and plans come from Founder Bay Boat Co. The boat is truly pretty with the wine glass transom covered with 3/8-inch mahogany planks, mahogany rails and deck, and mahogany seats. This is my favorite boat for relaxed rowing. The boat is surprising light, about 100 pounds, and could be car topped, but I prefer a small hand trailer or a small boat trailer.

The Cosine Wherry rowboat

The Rangeley is a 15-foot rowboat. It was popular in the Rangeley Lakes of western Maine where it was used to row for lake trout. The plans came from the Newfound Boatworks in Vermont. I visited the Blue Mountain Museum to view one of the originals and then visited the NewFound boatshop to purchase the plans and discuss the construction with the owner, Mr. Vermouth.

This boat was built for a friend for this 75th birthday. He still rows on Lake Sante Fe in Melrose, Fla. The hull is made of cedar strips; the rails and decks are mahogany, and the seats are cherry. The seat is walnut and cherry and is similar to the one shown in Gardner's book, "Building Classic Small Craft." The spoon oars are fashioned after the original oars with special oarlocks purchased in Blue Mountain, N.Y.